Hi there!

I’m Luke, the creative genius, and this is Selina, the social media wizard. Together with our head of security, Buddy, we are Young&Creative.

We are a family owned and operated creative studio, located in Snells Beach, Auckland, New Zealand.



Looking back now, pursuing a career in graphic design looked all but inevitable.

Growing up, my father managed a long-standing Auckland printing company for eight years. I took to computers early, creating certificates on an early IBM. Later I would try creating logos and letterheads in Microsoft Paint and Word. At 13 I picked up an early version of Photoshop and learned how to build websites in Microsoft Frontpage. I fell in love with Photoshop, and spent many hours creating covers for mix cd’s and modifying car photos.

While at school I also worked part time at a local video rental store where I learned the art of customer service and further used my creative skills designing movie and game covers, and new release displays.

Fast forward a few years, I was very fortunate to be one of the youngest accepted in to Media Design School. Graduating with merit, I cut my teeth in a small design studio in Ponsonby. From there working for a New Zealand music label, I moved on to a large design and digital print company. Finally managing the small design studio I purchased in 2009, now known as Young&Creative.

The rest, as they say, is history. 


Luke Young
Designer & Creative Director

Married to a self-employed graphic designer, it was a natural transition into the business.

Working in supply chain management, I have experience in the inner workings of a business. I have dealt with global product suppliers, and New Zealand’s largest retailers. Passionate about fashion and interior design, I also enjoy being creative.

Taking a break from work to have a family, I became involved in the graphic design business. Assisting with content creation and strategy concepts, through to accounting and urgent deliveries. I have had a hand in most aspects of the business for seven years.
Off the back of a wild 2020 we decided it was high time to look to grow the business. Offering social media management and web design to ensure a consistent, high standard.
If you would like to work with a passionate, dedicated, family owned creative business… let’s talk!


Selina Young
Social Media Manager

As you can see above, wherever she goes, I go!

Behind every good team is a great dog, right? Well, let me assure you, these guys might know their stuff, but I am a VERY good boy!

When I’m not flat out snoring in my mumma’s office while she is busy working, I’m patrolling the perimeter of the studio, and making sure everything is running smoothly. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it.

In my free time I love going for walkies around Snells Beach, but not too far or for too long. You see, I’m a French Bulldog and these short little legs weren’t quite designed for marathons.

If you’re in the area, please pop in to the studio to see me. A good scratch on the hind legs and we’ll be best friends forever…   after you’ve passed the initial security screening, of course.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Buddy Young
Head of Security

“I have had the good fortune of working with Luke at Young&Creative for close on a decade. Over this time, Luke has provided a raft of graphic design services for our organisation including multiple rebrands, policy reports, social media templates, pull up banners, powerpoint templates, brochures, website designs, and more recently branded covid hand sanitiser stands to name but a few of the projects he has completed for us.

Luke is, without fail the most obliging, calm and professional contractor we work with. Nothing is too much trouble. No deadline is too short (and there have been many unrealistically short deadlines for him to meet from our policy team!) and no challenge is too large.

Every time, Luke delivers eye catching, fresh and innovative collateral. He knows our brand inside out and has been our graphic guardian angel on so many occasions.

I can’t recommend Luke highly enough, although am somewhat hesitant to share his services too wide, as we don’t want to share him!”

Sarah Lang

Project Director, Infrastructure New Zealand

“I’ve worked with Luke for over a decade now. Initially creating the branding for Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza, since 2016 Luke has done all the design work for my new hospitality company ‘Goodlife’ – from the logo design and printed collateral, to digital and website, you name it. He is currently helping me beautify our upcoming Shopify website, and in less than 2 days it’s already looking dramatically better.

Luke’s work is impeccable and detailed. He has a tremendous sense of style and takes great pride in what he does, it’s a part of who he is. For my money, anyone who has a bit of their self worth tied to their work is someone I want to deal with. I’m quite demanding and somewhat untrusting at first but I trust Luke implicitly with anything in this arena.

As important as the above, almost more so, he checks his ego at the door in such a balanced way (which is a consistent issue I’ve found with many other designers I have worked with previously) which makes for a stress-free, fun and productive work environment. There is an easy going genius to accomplishing that!

In the end, he always has what’s best for the project at the forefront and does a tremendous job balancing the work and the personalities – delivering top quality work along the way, not stopping till everyone is happy. I’m lucky to have found him and wouldn’t go anywhere else (unless he died) ha!”

Ciaran McKeever

Director, Goodlife Super Food Co.

“I’ve known Luke since the early 2000’s, where he used to do design work for our past ventures. When founding STS Group in 2018, I approached Luke with an open brief for our initial design and livery for the business. With broad options available to him, Luke created what became our iconic look and clean messaging.

Luke is always highly responsive and proactive with new ideas and solutions. When working with external experts it’s always important to partner with someone who can fill in the gaps that we haven’t thought about. Luke’s approach, thinking and design compliments our thinking perfectly.

We are continually evolving our look and Luke is finding ways to promote our branding with the highest level of quality in mind. It’s a pleasure working with someone who is so professional and service orientated!”

Paul Robinson

Founder/CEO, STS Group

Bold, enduring brand identities. Efficient, effective graphic design. End-to-end creative solutions. No buzz words. No bullsh*t. We are Young&Creative.